January 2021

PARENTING TIP OF THE MONTH – Parenting Tip 126: Children love to read the same book repeatedly, eat the same lunch every day and they do best, in fact thrive, on a daily routine. The predictable makes children feel secure and competent because they know what to expect. With little children, routines for mealtimes, bed and bath times, prayer time and even playtime, can be a great comfort, making for happier children. This same wellness from routines also works for older children. The more routine in their lives, the more relaxed and happy their personality. So, start the New Year by creating a schedule for all family members, try it out and see how much peace can come

to your household! (Family Ministry Office thartnett@hamiltondiocese.com).

MARRIAGE TIP OF THE MONTH – Marriage Tip 106: Marriage unites two people together in an intimate partnership, allowing each person to feel loved and cared for by their spouse. God made us relational, so marriage meets our need for another in our lives and fulfills our deepest need to be known. Yet, sadly, too many married people feel lonely. So, why not make 2021 a year of joy? Talk to each other about your hopes for the future; tell your spouse about good things or bad that have occurred at work; share a joke, funny story or a frustrating event from your day. When we share are lives with another we connect more deeply, feel part of the others life and

loneliness disappears. An easy way to keep intimacy intact and loneliness away. (Family Ministry Office thartnett@hamiltondiocese.com).

Anniversary Mass 2021 – The Anniversary Mass scheduled for June of 2021 has been cancelled due to restrictions and concerns around COVID-19. We invite you to register your 25, 40, 50, 60 and 60 plus years Anniversary on the Diocesan website at hamiltondiocese.com. We will send you the certificate you would have received from Bishop Crosby at the Mass.

A Walk Through Fratelli Tutti – We are created to be relational, to be in communion with God and one another. Pope Francis’s new Encyclical Fratelli tutti expresses the Pope’s deep concern that humanity is becoming more and more isolated from each other. He states, “If we take each other seriously, then we should be brothers and sisters and friends, and not just anonymous beings.” Join us on Zoom for a free webinar on Wednesday, January 27th at 7 p.m. for a 90-minute look at this beautifully written document. Registration is required, since the zoom or phone link for joining the session will need to be e-mailed or provided to you by phone.

Re: Start – Starting over after separation or divorce with support, care and tools for the journey – We invite you to visit the Family Ministry Office on the Diocesan website https://hamiltondiocese.com/ to see the programs offered and to register. If you have questions, call the Family Ministry Office at 905-528-7988 ext. 2249.

Marriage Support – Is your marriage experiencing more trouble than joy, feeling stagnant or disconnected? The solution is Retrouvaille, a program for married couples facing challenges in their relationship. Its purpose is to help couples restore their marriage and rebuild a loving relationship. It is a practical program where sharing is not required except between the couple themselves, designed to improve communication, build stronger marriages, and help couples reconnect. It also works for couples who may be considering separation or divorce. The next weekend begins March 12, 2021. For more information call 905-664-5212 or email teamrecine@gmail.com.

Struggling After an Abortion? Either your own, or someone else’s? Do you feel alone, emotional, or angry? Project Rachel is here to help. This confidential service allows people to work through their feelings on an individual basis with a trained counsellor, to find hope and healing. Please contact us at 905-526-1999 or toll free at 1-888-385-3850.