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Hello Ladies,

Hope you are still doing well, Remember to get your memberships in. You can make an appointment with Keri to drop it off at the office or put it in the offertory basket at Mass. Our advent retreat os December 8th in the church at 7:00 p.m. Father Larry will be our speaker!

Membership forms are available in the lobby of the Parish or by contacting the office.

Blessings, Judy


The Angel Tree toy drive is an important part of our parish’s St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Hamper project. This year Christmas will be very different. St. Vincent de Paul is working with the Food Bank and House of Friendship to make sure all families are being taken care of.

The Food Bank will be giving turkeys, hams etc… The House of Friendship will be giving gift cards from only Walmart and Giant Tiger, this way families can shop for what they want/need. There will be NO toys collected (due to COVID).

If anyone would like to donate Walmart or Giant Tiger gift cards, they can be dropped off at the office or in the collection baskets at Mass until November 22, 2020

Thank you for your support. God Bless


November 2020

Coping with the Holidays – Christmas is an especially difficult season for anyone grieving the loss of a loved one. For many, this will be complicated even further when the loss occurred during the COVID-19 shut down.  Have you lost a love one and find yourself struggling with the thought of the upcoming Christmas season? Are you trying to figure out how you can cope? We can help: join us on Monday, November 30th at 7 P.M. for a one-hour evening session on Zoom offering reflection and practical strategies for coping at Christmas. To register please call Lena at 905-528-7988 ext. 2249, or register on line at We will send a zoom invite by e-mail to all those who have registered the day before the session so you can join by video or phone.

PARENTING TIP OF THE MONTH- Parenting Tip 124 – November is the month in which we both pray for and remember our dead. We also celebrate Remembrance Day, a day we give thanks to all those who have died for our protection and freedom. It is a wonderful month to speak to your children about others who have gone before you. Share the legacy and traditions your ancestors have left for your family and the influence they have had on your lives. Talk to them about how we honour them by our daily actions and remind them to pray for them, not just in the month of November, but all year long. November is a month to discuss our own history, but also the history and traditions of our Catholic faith: All Saints Day, All Souls Day, attending Mass, the prayers we say at Mass, prayers before meals and bedtime, to name a few. Those that have gone before us have influenced us; let us help our children know and reflect on all they have left us.

MARRIAGE TIP OF THE MONTH – Marriage Tip 104 – As winter approaches, we move into maintenance mode: we clear the gutters on the roof so water can flow freely, we change to winter tires to prepare for the coming cold and snow and we gather and store outdoor summer items from the yard to keep safe for next year. Do we take the time to offer maintenance to our most important relationship? Do we discuss shifting roles as our family changes and then discuss what we both need to stay happy and healthy? Do we check to see if we have prioritized each other instead of everything else? Do we spend time making sure our finances are in order? Do we pray together for patience, love, kindness and compassion to grow and strengthen in our relationship? Maintenance takes time, but for love to thrive, it is so necessary.

Anniversary Mass 2021 – As the restrictions from COVID-19 continue and for the safety of all concerned, a decision has been made to cancel the annual Anniversary Mass scheduled for June of 2021. Bishop Crosby would still love to offer congratulations to all those who will married 25, 40, 50, 60 and 60 plus years in 2021, so you will be able to register your anniversary on line and we will send you the certificate you would have received if the Mass had gone ahead. More information will be sent in January about how to register.

Struggling After an Abortion? Either your own, or someone else’s? Do you feel alone, emotional, or angry? Project Rachel is available to help. This confidential service allows people to work through their feelings on an individual basis, with a trained counsellor, and find hope and healing. Please contact us at 905-526-1999 or toll free at 1-888-385-3850.

Catechetical Correspondence Courses – Programs available for children from Kindergarten through to High School not currently receiving religious instruction. Preparation for First Communion and Confirmation for children not in Catholic Schools also available.  Families work through the programs at home. Contact Monica in the Catechesis Office at 905-528-7988, ext. 2238 or check out our website at and click on the Catechesis Office for more information, printable registration forms or to register online.