Current News

Here are some items of interest going on at our Parish.

  • CATHOLIC WOMEN’S LEAGUE - Hello Ladies, Hope you are still doing well, Remember to get your memberships in. You can make an appointment with Keri to drop it off at the office or put it in the offertory basket at Mass. Membership forms are available in the lobby of the Parish or by contacting the office. Blessings, Judy
  • DIOCESE of HAMILTON BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENTS - January 2021 PARENTING TIP OF THE MONTH – Parenting Tip 126: Children love to read the same book repeatedly, eat the same lunch every day and they do best, in fact thrive, on a daily routine. The predictable makes children feel secure and competent because they know what to expect. With little children, routines for … Continue reading DIOCESE of HAMILTON BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENTS