Men’s Group

menLife can be tough – challenges at work, at home and personal challenges which can take its toll. As men, we are inclined to hide our struggles, frustrations and weaknesses because we are “built” to be tough to be “warriors”. We tend to “deal” with the effects theses struggles by escaping to play sports, or do other activities but we generally do not admit our struggles. If you’re willing to step out of your “comfort zone” a bit and try something a little different, you will find a better way to deal with this. By “stepping out of your comfort zone”, we mean get up a little early on Saturday morning, before the rest of the family is awake, to get together for an hour and half and build some camaraderie with other “like” men to share their struggles and learn how God can help us live our faith and be better men and examples for those around us.
So please consider joining us one Saturday morning. For more information call either Roy Smith at (519) 656 -3291 or Ian Mendes @ (519) 893-1180